Fedora Mindshare has been actively trying to help Taskforce leads put together volunteers who will be helping revamp the Fedora Ambassador Program. As a part of this effort, the FCIAC and Taskforce lead put out a survey to folks who expressed interest.

In the past, we had the first kick-off call and we heard that the community would benefit to have an announcement at least a few days in advance to participate better. This call is going to be a rehash with small updates of what’s happening as to today and we invite volunteers who have expressed their interest to help in reshaping the Fedora Ambassador Program.

We will have a Kick-Off call over Google Meeting on Friday,
Sept 18th, 1200 UTC
. It will be recorded and will be accessible publicly thereafter.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Meeting link : meet.google.com/ahn-bgzs-wbs