Call for Projects and Mentors – GSoC 2020

Fedora at Google Summer of Code 2020

Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development.
Students work with an open source organization on a 3 month programming project during their break from school.  In the previous year, Fedora had an awesome participation
and we would like to continue to be mentoring Org this year too.

Fedora needs your help!

Fedora is currently looking for mentors and projects, it’s very staright forward to propose yourself as a mentor and a project.
The project encourages mentors to come forward and propose project ideas by 2020-02-10. More details are given below.

How to Propose a Project?

If you want to mentor a specific project, think carefully about several things:

  • Do you have enough time to work on this with the student during the entire project.
    You will be helping someone else when they get stuck. You don’t want to become a blocker because you’re busy.
  • It is harder to find success when you are completely certain of how an idea needs to be implemented; finding a student with the skills and interest to implement a specific solution is a lot harder than finding a student with enough skills to respond to a use case need. Also, students learn more when they help design and guide the project. In other words, provide guidance and direction but let the student do some of the “driving.”
  • Where you can have looser ideas, you may be able to find a student who works as a sort-of intern who can implement a solution to a use case you have. In past experiences, students going after a use case are more likely to get somewhere with self-direction and support from you.
  • Who can help you?

Try to find a second mentor for the project.

If you’re interested in working with a student on a specific project you should post your idea to the Mentored Projects Issue Tracker. Your issue should be tagged GSoC and use the Google Summer of Code template. We strongly encourage you to find a second person to help with mentoring and to solicit feedback on your proposal

Can I be a Mentor Without a Project?

Yes! You can either:

Work with a student who brings an idea to your sub-project. This requires a different level of communication throughout the project, but can be the most rewarding.

Be a general mentor. This is a person who works with all students regardless of their project. To become a general mentor please open an issue in the Mentored Projects Issue Tracker offering your help. Please tag the issue with the GSoC tag.

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  1. Greetings sumantrom,

    I’m Harshit Jain, (@dev-harsh1998 on github) A kernel hacker to be exact, I hold title of Recognized Developer at Xda-Developers, I have been using fedora as my primary os for 4 years, Few of my friends ( who are intrested in Machine Learning and NN) are planning to implement a opensource Faceunlock System + Gui based sudo session authenticator for fedora, The question is would it count as a proper project proposal as faceunlock is trending, Most new laptops camera(s) show support for atleast 640×320 resolution for capturing pictures that are adequate for most available algorithms to work on. The project would be compiled by cython with minimal to no dependencies and would support the default Desktop Manager, I hold expertise in C/CPP and Data Structures and would help them implement the entire thing Securely and System wide, The project would sure follow security measures so as no one could acess the fedora running systems with bare photos (Talking about depths), And tuning the efficiency & accuracy of the implementation would be exported for the users via a gui based tool so as to give users the freedom and power of opensource software.

    I’ll wait for your valuable input.

    Warm Regards

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