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FOSSASIA 2016: Singapore

FOSSASIA is an annual event that focuses on showcasing free and open-source technology in Asia. The intended audience are developers, start-ups, contributors, students, and enthusiasts. It has talks and workshops that cover a wide range of topics. These include anywhere from hardware hacks to design, graphics to software.


Fedora is coming to FOSSASIA 2016 in Singapore

The official logo of FOSSASIA.

FOSSASIA started in 2009 in Vietnam and has been a huge success since then. Companies can request to setup booths at Level 1 to exhibit their FOSS technologies. There are also a various kinds of tickets available for purchase, with a starting price of $7 SGD to the highest price of $1800 SGD. These tickets grant different tier of access and swags but all of them give access to all sessions of day, except the social event, which requires at least a Business Ticket.

FOSSASIA 2016 theme

For FOSSASIA 2016, the theme for the event was Internet of Things. It was held in the Singapore Science Center from March 18th to 20th, 9am to 6pm. Internet of Things has been a hot topic in the recent years and many companies, such as Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft, came up with software to support IoT devices, hoping that they can grab some of this lucrative market share.

Fedora at FOSSASIA

Fortunately, for this year, the Fedora Ambassadors from Singapore co-shared Red Hat’s booth and helped distribute Fedora 23 DVDs. One of the Ambassadors, Huiren, also spoke for the event, with the talk titled, “Opening Up Yourself”. It was a short presentation focused on the benefits of contributing to FOSS and Fedora.

For everyone who came to say hello to the Ambassadors, thanks for stopping by! We can’t wait to see you all next year.

SCaLE 14x (2016) Event Report – Pasadena, California

SCaLE 14x (2016) Event Report

At a Glance: What is SCaLE?

Our Ambassadors in the Field

This report is for the following Ambassadors:

Welcome to SCaLE!

Welcome to SCaLE!

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Marketing – Year in Review

Fedora experienced a significant amount of growth and development over the last year. With the growth and recent changes, there were new challenges that Fedora and the Marketing team had to face. The Magazine went really well with significant growth concerning the overall traffic (many thanks to Paul, Ryan, Joe, Chris, Justin) and with more infrastructure stability (thanks to Chris again and Patrick). On the other hand, the institutional part of Marketing experienced difficulties in keeping current with the changes that 2015 brought.

There were many strengths that were preserved (organizing tasks, using a ticketing workflow, discussion in the IRC channel, and communications in general), but the Year in Review analysis is targeted towards identifying and setting goals for improvement in this current year.

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Fedora Magazine breaks records yet again

Daily view records broken on Magazine

Official Fedora Magazine logo

Fedora 23 released this past Monday, and several supporting articles were published on the Fedora Magazine to help users learn what was new, how to upgrade from Fedora 22, and of course, read the release announcement. This release set a new all-time record of the most views in a single day for the Magazine. The end-of-day count for November 3rd was 34,019 views across the site. This record was closely followed the next day, with a high of 31,880 by the end of November 4th. Ultimately, the Magazine has continued on an upward trend for the past few release cycles, a pattern that the Marketing Team wishes to continue as we enter the next release cycle.


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