How do we – as in, the developers and package maintainers who are working on Fedora Linux – make sure people actually know about all the cool stuff we’re doing? That’s the question at the heart of previous discussions on the “devel” mailing list (How do we announce new packages?) and on discourse (Idea for collecting “Cool New Features / Cool New Packages” article ideas).

As it turns out, the answer to that question is: “If what you’ve worked on isn’t big or noteworthy enough, then there’s no place for you”. That’s not good, and it’s why I started working on “Feature Spotlight”.

Feature Spotlight

I intend the “Feature Spotlight” to be a series of semi-regular articles for the Fedora Magazine. There, we can showcase all the nice “little” features and improvements that land in Fedora all the time, for example:

  • a change that’s too small for the official “Change” process
  • a new feature that is published independently of the Fedora release cycle
  • addition of new packages for an awesome open-source project to Fedora

Open for Submissions

Any Fedora contributor can suggest a topic for the next article in the series by filing a ticket in the feature-spotlight project. For this purpose, I have provided an issue template that explains the basic process. Editors will regularly collect and curate submissions, and submit articles for review and publication in the Fedora Magazine.

I also intend this curation and editing process to be open, so any “co-editors” for this project are welcome.