This is a part of the Council Elections Interviews series. Voting is open to all Fedora contributors. The voting period starts on Friday, 3 June and closes promptly at 23:59:59 UTC on Thursday, 16 June.

Interview with Eduard Alexander Lucena Mendoza


Why are you running for Fedora Council?

Beacuse I want to make an impact in the future of The Fedora Project

What do you see as Fedora’s place in the universe?

As an example of how thing should be done for a Linux distribution.

How can we best measure Fedora’s success?

There are several things that we can measure, like number of users, number of contributors, number of reviews per release. But the most important thing is to check how people feel about the project, some stuff that can’t be measure with numbers, but are really important, like how ambassadors feel about the revamp, how members and former members of mindshare perceive the work that have been done.

The Council’s primary role is to identify the short-, medium-, and long-term goals of the Fedora community and enable the project to achieve those goals. Right now, we are working on a new plan for the next 3-5 years. How will you help?

I will try to bring the feedback I gather from the community to the Fedora Council. One thing I have and I love to do is to read and ask all kind of questions to the people, and that serves me to know and try to understand the POV of each team, I’m everywhere reading, commenting and chatting with people, and there I thing is where my added value is to the council.