This is a weekly report from the CPE (Community Platform Engineering) Team. If you have any questions or feedback, please respond to this report or contact us on the #redhat-cpe channel on

We provide you with both infographics and text versions of the weekly report. If you just want to quickly look at what we did, just look at the infographic. If you are interested in more in-depth details look at the infographic.

Week: 12 June – 16 June 2023

Highlights of the week

Infrastructure & Release Engineering

Goal of this Initiative

The purpose of this team is to take care of day-to-day business regarding CentOS and Fedora Infrastructure and Fedora release engineering work.
It’s responsible for services running in Fedora and CentOS infrastructure and preparing things for the new Fedora release (mirrors, mass branching, new namespaces etc.).
The ARC (which is a subset of the team) investigates possible initiatives that CPE might take on.

Planning board


Fedora Infra

CentOS Infra including CentOS CI

Release Engineering

  • Business as usual


Goal of this initiative

Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (or EPEL) is a Fedora Special Interest Group that creates, maintains, and manages a high-quality set of additional packages for Enterprise Linux, including, but not limited to, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS and Scientific Linux (SL), Oracle Linux (OL).

EPEL packages are usually based on their Fedora counterparts and will never conflict with or replace packages in the base Enterprise Linux distributions. EPEL uses much of the same infrastructure as Fedora, including buildsystem, bugzilla instance, updates manager, mirror manager and more.


Community Design

Goal of this initiative

CPE has a few members that are working as part of the Community Design Team. This team is working on anything related to design in Fedora Community.


DNF mirrors-countme improvement

Goal of this initiative

This initiative is working on enhancing the current DNF mirrors-countme script, which is used to provide statistics about the number of Fedora installations on machines. This script has a few bottlenecks that will be addressed as part of this initiative.
ARC investigation


  • Move script code into Python package to make it testable
  • Finish trimming out-of-date data in intermediary database file
  • Improve test coverage (ongoing)
  • Implement statistics for individual IP addresses (ongoing)