Fedora 23: “Possibly my favorite release they’ve ever done”

Network World recently published an article review comparing three major distributions: Fedora, Ubuntu, and OpenSUSE. What did they have to say about Fedora?

I’m going to say this as simply as I can: I experienced not one single issue with Fedora 23. I used it as my primary system for a few days in a row and never, not once, hit any sort of glitch. It was fast and stable and I just don’t have anything bad to say about it.


This is, without a doubt, my favorite release of Fedora in many years. Possibly my favorite release they’ve ever done. Fast, stable, and great looking.


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  1. True to be told: I’m relatively new to fedora, using it since F21 and I have to say F23 is the best so far, not a single issue. oh well one single complain, Gnome Notes does not start but that’s it. Great work fedora team. Do not forget the Gnome guys they deserve credits too, so congrats and thanks for delivering this important piece of work.

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