On September 3rd, the French team hosted a release party for Fedora 24 in “La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie” (Science and Industry Museum) in Paris, France. It is later than most release parties, but July and August are two months of vacation in France and we wanted to target as many people as possible (by the way, it allowed us to proudly announce the Fedora 25 Alpha!).

Introducing Fedora in Paris

We held two conferences: one about Fedora generally and another about the translation process. An initiation for new contributors followed the presentations (hi Seb75)!

Fedora 24 release party in Paris: Jean-Baptiste holding a presentation about Fedora translations

Jean-Baptiste, alias jibecfed, holding a presentation about the translation process in Fedora

The event took place along another recurrent event, “Le premier samedi du libre” (the first Saturday of the libre). We talked with other contributors of various projects, such as Ubuntu. Nearly fifty people walked by the event, with about fifteen who attended our presentations. We welcomed two new translators, installed some Fedora 24 workstations, and distributed live media.

Introducing translations

During the initiation about translation, Jean-Baptiste introduced the website for translation of appdata files. They are quite simple, not very long, and in need of translation. This was a perfect place to enter in the beautiful world of translation!

Special thanks

Special thanks to the French contributor community who helped to organize the event (eseyman, jibecfed) and attend  (not to mention them, they were misc and jehane). This event is a good sign for the already planned release party for Fedora 25, which we hope will be memorable!

Image courtesy of John Towner – originally published to Unsplash as Untitled.