Date and Location

fedora 25 release party at Taipei, Taiwan.

Fedora 25 release party at Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Dec 18, 2016
  • 12:00 – 16:00 (Taipei time, GMT+8)
  • Taipei City
  • A+A Space 1

Taipei Report

Fedora 25 was released on Nov 15, 2016. It contained many of the latest stable versions of development results from free and open source community at the time.

Fedora Ambassadors, Cheng-Chia Tseng (Zerng07) and Freedomknight, organized this release party and held it at A+A Space in Taipei.


At first, Zerng07, the ambassador who wear a fedora ambassador T-shirt, introduced the holding place and started the event. We started to introduce ourselves to each other.

Fedora Taiwan Community News

Then, ambassador Cheng-Chia Tseng started announce some news about Fedora Taiwan Community:

  • Ambassador Freedomknight (陳貴鑫) signed the permission to use the trademark of fedora for “” with Red Hat.
  • The balance of local community funding from Software Liberation Association in Taiwan for supporting Fedora Taiwan Community (usage mainly on local forum domain name and ambassador transportation fees) is 4130 TWD now.
  • Fedora ships ibus-libzhuyin input method since F23, but not enabled by default, users has to set input methods manually. The bug is reported here.
  • Array input method and Dayi input method are not packaged yet, gcin input method framework not packaged and not working on F25.
  • pcmanx-gtk2 display broken with default fonts, AR PL UMing setting manually needed

He also shared some resources and communication ways for Taiwan Fedora community.

Experience in Silicone Valley

Max Yi-Hsun Chou shared his experience with living and what he had seen and learned in Silicone Valley. “Connections” are the vital part of living in Silicone Valley. If there is anyone who wants to get into Silicone Valley, the pioneers from Taiwan would love to help.

Free Software Movement Intro and Fedora Project Overview

Then, ambassador Cheng-Chia Tseng started to introduce the history of Free Software Movement. Later, he shared his views on “Community”, followed by the overview of Fedora Project. He talked about the core values (4 Fs) of Fedora, new features of F25, and some highlights in the GNOME 3.22. Plus, he introduced the Fedora Badge system, and gave the “Fedora 25 Partygoer” badges to those who would like to try.

Introduce fedora badge to the partygoers on fedora 25 release party in Taipei

Introduce fedora badge to the partygoers on fedora 25 release party in Taipei

Cheng-Chia Tseng later demoed some GNOME 3.22 features and introduced ibus-emoji to input emojis.

Light talks

  • SITCON Open for Paper, Topic as “Internet for Next Generation” by Denny Huang


  • Celebration and Open Discussion

Event Photos