At the end of August, the submission phase for Fedora 25 Supplementary Wallpapers opened. Now, the submission phase closed and the voting phase is now open. If you have a FAS account and meet the CLA+1 group requirement, you can cast your vote in Nuancier.

Wallpapers for Fedora 25

We have 113 contributions from 80 different contributors and awarded 73 badges for submissions. This compares to 124 valid submissions from Fedora 24. In case your badge was not awarded, ping gnokii in #fedora-design on freenode.

As for past contests, a lot of the participants made their first contribution to Fedora. We will continue to improve Nuancier and the submission process for supplementary wallpapers. We will also try to improve quality of submissions. We already improved with limiting the amount of submissions. We also had longer phases for submissions and the time for the voting is also longer as before.

Be sure to cast your vote before October 23rd, 2016 to have a say in what wallpapers are included! By participating, you can also receive a limited edition badge too.