Fedora 31 will be released soon. It’s time to start planing activities around the release.

The most common activity to do is organize release parties. A release party is also a great way for other contributors in the community to get involved with advocacy in their local regions. Learn how to organize a release party and get a badge for it in this article.

Organizing a release party

How do you organize a release party? The Relase Parties page has the full details. You will find hints of what you can start doing now and how to do it. Anyone with a valid FAS account can host a Release Party!

Hosting Release Party

When you’re ready, you need to do a few simple things:

  1. Send an email to the mindshare mailing list and let the world know what you’re planning. Ambassadors and others may have suggestions or advice that can improve your event. This also lets you find others who may want to help you with your event.
  2. Open a ticket in the Mindshare issue tracker (with the Release Party template) and let people know about your event.If your event needs financial or swag support (see below) this is a mandatory step.
  3. Once your party is approved, do the following:
    1. Add it to the events calendar, so others can easily find it.
    2. Request a QR code to award the Release Party Attendee badge by opening an issue in the Mindshare issue tracker.
    3. Put in a swag request ticket in the Fedora Budget Repo.
    4. Finalize your plans and hold your party.
  4. After your party, write an event report. An event report lets the community know what happened and how it went. Ideally your report will be shared on the Fedora Community Blog, but posting it on your own blog and the Fedora Planet is fine, too. If your event requires financial or swag support, this is mandatory. These reports help us know what happened and how the party went. Ideas for what went well and what could be improved are welcome.
  5. If you have financial assistance approved, file a reimbursement ticket in the Fedora Budget Repository

Have fun and earn a badge

Just make sure you write a report of it (only people with reports get a badge awarded) and have some nice pictures with happy faces. Then you will surely earn the badge for release party organizers.