Thursday, 2021-03-18 is systemd-oomd Test Week! As part of the changeset for Fedora Linux 34, we need your help to test if everything runs smoothly!

Why Systemd-OOMd Test Week?

Fedora users in out-of-memory (OOM) situations by enabling systemd-oomd by default. Actions taken by systemd-oomd operate on a per-cgroup level, aligning well with the life cycle of systemd units. systemd-oomd primarily uses Linux pressure stall information (PSI) to make decisions based on wasted productivity due to resource shortages; in addition to that, it also supports swap-based actions.

We need your help!

All the instructions are on the wiki page, so please read through and come help us test! As always, the event will be in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC.

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