The Fedora Community in Brazil recently celebrated the release of Fedora Linux 37. The last Release Party in-person in Brazil was back in July 2016. We hosted a Fedora 37 Release Party at the University of São Paulo this month with the help of the Grupo de Extensão em Livre e Open Source (GELOS) group. Thank you to all the organizers, speakers, and attendees who made the Fedora 37 Release Party Brazil possible.

We had five sessions in total, two in-person and three online sessions with Brazilians spread around the globe. Simultaneously, we hosted an Installfest to help students to install Linux for the first time. Moreover, we had a coffee break to gather our community and socialize.

The sessions were recorded and will be available to Brazilian Portuguese speakers to watch on the GELOS YouTube channel:

  • The Release Cycle of Fedora Linux by Geraldo Simião
  • Is it hard to contribute to the Linux Kernel? by Melissa Wen
  • My First Contribution by Bruno Larsen
  • How to start a career on free software? by Maíra Canal
  • Debian and my contributions by Carlos Melara

During the event, around 40 attendees joined us to talk more about how to contribute to open-source and learn more about the Fedora project. Many of the attendees are students from the University of São Paulo and didn’t contribute to open-source. So, many of the speakers were exposing how to begin contributing to open-source. Moreover, by the end of the event, we also presented the Fedora Join SIG to the audience.

The main goals of this event were to spread free software knowledge and to recruit Fedora users and contributors around the University of São Paulo campus. And by the end of the day, we can feel that we created an environment for beginners to ask questions, discuss open-source, and have some fun with the Fedora community.

  • Fedora swag available to the audience
  • Carlos Melara opening the event
  • Guilherme presenting the GELOS group
  • Audience
  • Bruno Larsen talking about LLVM/GDB issues
  • Social gathering around food
  • Social gathering
  • Attendee installing Linux for the first time
  • GELOS team during social gathering
  • Carlos Melara presenting the Debian project
  • Audience
  • Attendee getting some Fedora swag
  • Audience watching Geraldo Simião talk
  • GELOS team

For the release of Fedora 38, we can already think of some improvements for the next Release Party. Now, your main priority is creating a live stream of the event, so that the whole Fedora Brazil community can attend the event.