The Fedora Ambassadors and other Fedora folks interested in outreach met for an hour call on Thursday, March 31st. We recorded the call and uploaded the video to YouTube. The upload is left as unlisted as the quality came out less than ideal, but the link can be shared for direct access. We have set up another meeting for Thursday, April 28th at 3 PM UTC.

We have also put together a new whenisgood to set a permanent time and cadence for the meetings. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the whenisgood form by April 27th.

Kick-Off Call Summary

We reviewed three main topics during the call:

  1. Documentation updates from the Community Outreach Revamp team
  2. How we want to set up recurring Ambassador meetings
  3. Ways to get involved

The Community Outreach Revamp team has been working for almost two years to complete an update to Fedora’s outreach related teams. A Part of those efforts was to update the CommOps Docs to be a well-indexed set of resources for all outreach related work in the Fedora Project. We welcome people to come review and make improvements to the docs.

The folks on the call agreed we want to continue meeting on a monthly basis. The general consensus was that we should alternate between text and video calls. To find the best time for a permanent recurring call, we have set up a new whenisgood, please fill it out by April 27th. We will meet once more at the current set time on April 28th at 3 PM UTC. Ambassadors or anyone interested in Fedora outreach is welcome to join.

Last but not least, we discussed the current ways for Ambassadors to get involved and active which includes:

See you at the next meeting!