The Fedora Community Outreach Revamp (FCOR) has been underway since summer of 2020. The co-leads, Mariana Balla and Sumantro Mukherjee, along with Marie Nordin, set out to repair broken bridges around Fedora’s outreach. We have made significant steps as a team towards completing the deliverables set out in the Fedora Objective. We are hoping to wrap things up in the next six months. As we move towards the close of 2021, we want to share the latest work that we have accomplished.

Recent accomplishments

The Revamp team was able to bring on an intern through Outreachy during the summer session. Marie Nordin mentored Dhairya Chaudhary who worked May-August on a variety of graphic designs assets related to the FCOR. Dhairya created many designs including logos, how to join Fedora graphics, badges, and our custom WorkAdventure map, the Fedora Museum. Dhairya has designed the Four Foundations bandana found in the Nest with Fedora swag pack!

The biggest hurdle that remains is to complete the documentation. The co-leads have been holding bi-weekly work sessions for a couple months to work through the sheer volume of documentation. We also coordinated a hackfest at Nest with Fedora in August to update the docs. We would like to send a big thank you to the participants for their enthusiasm and response to the session! The documentation is a work in progress, and we hope to have more to show in the next month or so.

What’s next?

In due course, we will establish a regular Fedora Community Outreach Call. These calls will cover a range of topics: current Fedora news, discussion of local/global/virtual events, resource development or sharing, informing one another about current and interesting Fedora and open source topics, etc. These meetings will be a great place to bring together existing and new folks interested in contributing to Fedora’s outreach. Over time, we would love to see some folks who feel inspired to revive their local Ambassador meetings, as well. We hope to have info on the Community Outreach Call shortly, stay tuned!