It has been several weeks since the Community Outreach Revamp launched. Within these weeks, we have made some productive steps. To learn more about the initial proposal and start up process, you can take a look at the wiki page that contains all the details. Also, make sure to check out the previous updates we have published on the Community Blog.

In order to keep everything in one place and track progress easily the co-leads, Mariana and Sumantro, have created a Trello board to organize ongoing tasks. The Trello board will help the Temporary Task Force (TTF) and the other Teams and contributors involved in the Revamp coordinate with each other.

Amidst the Fedora 33 Release, Fedora Women’s Day, Outreachy application period and preparation of Virtual Release Parties; it has been a busy October. With all that going on, we still managed to cover significant ground.

To kick off the Ambassador group cleanup, Alberto’s (bt0dotninja) script was used to track the activity of Fedora Ambassadors via FedMsg. The inactive Ambassadors were sent an email and given a 3-week timeline to reply back. We received about 110 responses and now we have a list of contributors who willingly want to be moved to Emeritus or continue being a Fedora Ambassador. The transition process will commence shortly and badges will be awarded to our Emeritus Ambassador for the time and work they have done.

The next task will be to tackle those who are marked as ‘Sponsor’ in the FAS system. Those people were at some point a mentor for the Ambassador program. We will be contacting those individuals to see if they are willing and able to continue as an Ambassador mentor moving forward. Those who want to continue will have the opportunity to mold what the new mentorship/mentee process and role is for the new Ambassador program.

The co-leads, along with Marie, are working to create a submission for Devconf.CZ’s Fedora track. This presentation will entail the ongoings of where we are today and how we have been progressing with the Community Revamp in Fedora. We believe that this will provide more visibility to the initiative and might help us get more volunteers working as a part of the Temporary Task Force.

The co-leads and the TTF are also working on a Community Outreach Survey. This survey will be publicized and circulated to help solicit feedback to re-envision the roles of the various community outreach teams within Fedora. It is a work in progress, and we welcome input!