It has been almost a year since the Fedora Community Outreach Revamp started. Some pretty nice events have occurred since the last Revamp update. We retired the Trello board with the Revamp’s tasks and notes. Now all of the Revamp notes are publicly available on a HackMD file. Here is some of what the Revamp team has worked on in the last few months.

With our experience from the community outreach survey in December 2020, we were asked to give our input on the Annual Contributor Survey. Now, the survey is public for the Fedora contributors to fill out and will be until June 30th 2021. Additionally, while having Marie Nordin help us out and support the Outreach Revamp, we gave our input on the organizational chart she prepared in order to visualize the Fedora Community’s organizational structure.

Ambassadors discuss related topics in the Mindshare repository on Pagure. A few weeks ago, the Community Outreach Revamp team started going through the open tickets. We cleaned up the tickets that areare within the scope of this initiative. We closed resolved tickets and commented with a proposed solution on open tickets.

The Fedora Project has been part of many mentorship programs for years now, and one of the most popular programs Fedora has been part of is Outreachy. Among the four interns that will be working for the summer cohort of 2021 in Fedora projects, we have one intern help us visualize our progress withing the Revamp. We will have Dhairya Chaudhary working on creating artwork for the different outreach teams and other community related swag. We expect to show off some of Dhairya’s work during Nest 2021.

Over the past months, the Community Outreach Revamp has drawn quite some attention. We recently presented at several community online events! It started with the Fedora Linux 34 release party in May and continued with Community Central and openSUSE virtual conference 2021. We are thrilled to present our “Fedora work” to non “Fedora-centric” audiences. Sharing our experience on this year-long initiative adds more value to the notion of community efforts and contributions!