In a normal year, the Fedora Council would have held a one-day meeting in Brno the day after DevConf.CZ. Since this isn’t a normal year, we held a half day virtual face-to-face earlier this month. Unlike the longer November meeting, this meeting focused on catching up on a few things instead of larger strategy planning. As usual, the minutes have been fed to Zodbot.

Using Fedora Linux to refer to the OS

As I wrote at the beginning of the month, I’d like our official communications to be more clear. Fedora is a community and when we use the word “Fedora” by itself, it should refer to the community. “Fedora Linux” is the operating system we produce. As part of the change proposal to reflect that in the os-release file, the community asked for the Fedora Council to vote on it. I presented this to the Fedora Council and we approved it.

Minimization Objective

The Council approved the almost two years ago. It got off to a great start. In the end, it didn’t quite do everything Adam had planned, but it has still laid the foundation for future work. This Objective developed the Content Resolver, which was a key part of the new Enterprise Linux Next (ELN) build. In the future, we hope someone will pick up on this work to provide additional features, like filing bugs when dependency growth gets out of hand. I’ve asked Adam Šamalik to write a Community Blog post summarizing the objective. I speak for the whole Council when I say “thank you, Adam, for all of your contributions.”

Community Outreach Revamp Objective

The Council also heard from Mariana Balla and Sumantro Mukherjee, the co-leads of the Community Outreach Revamp Objective. They say they’ve accomplished about 20% of their goals so far, including cleaning up the membership of Fedora accounts groups. They’re working to develop role handbooks to help get people started. Sumantro and Mariana meet weekly with Marie Nordin, the Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator (FCAIC).

Several Council members are current or former Ambassadors, so we shared our views on the Objective. This includes making sure people feel like their work is recognized. We’ve also found that people are doing work and just not telling us, so we’re working on ways to make it easier for people to share their accomplishments.

What’s next?

We spent a few minutes at the end thinking about ideas for future Objectives. If you have an idea, please discuss it with the Council. Right now we have one active Objective, and we’d like to have between two and four. And remember that Objectives do not have to be engineering-driven!

The Council will continue to hold regular meetings on IRC every two weeks and monthly public video meetings. Given the pandemic situation, we will hold our next face-to-face virtually sometime in the second quarter.