Fedora Hatches took place across the globe this summer! Take a look at what the attendees experienced at each Hatch. 

Hatch Rochester

Fedora Hatch Rochester was an eventful day David and Neal welcomed the Fedora community into the Datto Rochester office. We had a wonderful time learning from members of the Fedora community and loved the opportunity to provide a platform for them to express themselves, collaborate, and celebrate the Fedora Project with us.

Local Fedorans that could attend drove in from all over to join in on the fun. Both the Fedora Project Leader (FPL), Matthew Miller, and the Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator (FCAIC), Marie Nordin were in attendance. Fellow contributors presented what they have been working on, with a day full of info and swag.

Chris Mason informed us about Btrfs future plans and stories from production, Stephen Gallagher spoke about Fedora ELN: Putting the RHELish on the Beefy Miracle, Neal Gompa briefed us on the Intro to Packaging, and lastly, David McCheyne talked about Factories from Ansible Modules. We also enjoyed an exciting Fireside chat with our FCAIC Marie Nordin and the FPL Matthew Miller. 

After the closing remarks were stated, everyone enjoyed food and drinks at The Playhouse, a local restaurant with burgers and arcade games. It was a hot day, so we retreated to the hotel lobby to talk into the evening!

Hatch Pune

The Fedora Hatch in Pune India was a fun two-day event, organized by Akashdeep Dhar and Samyak Jain. The official meet-and-greet took place on day one on 7th July 2022 at the Red Hat office in Pune where people discussed many free and open-source technologies such as Wayland, X11, Pulse Audio etc. Cool swags like Fedora Hatch Pune India branded water bottles and Fedora Project hats were handed out. This was followed by the attendees enjoying a delicious lunch at Taco Bell, Seasons Mall, Pune.

On their way to day two of the event on 8th July 2022, the organizers picked up some delicious special Fedora Badges-inspired cupcakes and stickers for the attendees. The following interesting workshops and engrossing talks took place, while the attendees were provided with tasty snacks and lunch, in courtesy of the Red Hat Events Team, Pune. These discussions led many visiting Fedora Linux users to be inspired to be a part of the Fedora Project community and to contribute to the projects.

The day ended with the folks having a tasty dinner at 1441 Pizzeria, Koregaon Park, Pune. The participants took a bunch of photographs with their friends, old and new, alike and shared contact details to stay in connect even after the fun event got over.

Hatch Vigo

Fedora Hatch Vigo, Spain took place during the esLibre 2022 conference on June 24th planned by Fernando Fernández Mancera. In the meetup, the users and contributors discussed tools and the technical processes of packaging. Participants from the event also partook in an exciting Kahoot about Fedora. Attendees also went home with the awesome Fedora swag that included stickers, lanyards, and bandanas. The best part about the Hatch taking place at the esLibre conference was the opportunity to inform people who were not yet part of the community. 

Hatch Nuremburg

The Hatch Nuremberg took place at the OpenSUSE Conference. The session facilitated a great discussion on comparing and contrasting Fedora and OpenSUSE approaches to packaging workflows. The event was organized by Neal Gompa, Dan Cermak, and Douglas Demaio.  

Hatch Brno

Hatch Brno, Czechia was a fun hands-on experience at the Red Hat Brno office. This was an all-day event with workshops, lightning talks, coffee breaks, and a social that wrapped up the event. This successful and fun event was organized by František Zatloukal and Dorota Volavkova. The event was recorded with the workshops available to view on YouTube.

Hatch Mexico City

Fedora Hatch Mexico City was a two in-person lab event hosted on July 28th in Rancho Electronico Mexico City. This was the first time a Hatch took place in the Mexican Fedora community, while they also celebrated their third Fedora anniversary. The organizers for the Hatch Mexico included Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez, Alex Callejas, Hazzim, and Efren Robledo. The two labs were the Fedora Containers lab by Alex Callejas and Fedora en ARM by Hazzim. One attendee made a fun 3D version of the community logo. The event ended with a fun social networking dinner with pizza. 

Hatch Cork

Check out the blog and YouTube video of the Hatch Cork event provided by David Fan.