We are excited to invite you to the first edition of the Fedora Mentor Summit. It’s an yearly event for our community members interested in mentorship as a practice. The event is on April 1st and 2nd – 1300 UTC to 1700 UTC. Registration is open now!

This community members lead event is full of agenda of intriguing discussions, interesting talks and fun activities that everyone can be a part of. While the final schedule is still being planned, you can see the draft at the event fedocal.

What’s in it for you?

  • As a Mentor: You will be able to hear and learn from mentors across various Open Source Projects. You will also get to share your experiences as a mentor to help others. You can help us by sharing how we can improve mentorship in the Fedora Project in future. You will enjoy your time networking with others, and may find yourself at the crossroads to take up new mentorship opportunities!
  • As a student/mentee: Yyou will get to know our Mentored Project alumni and a lot more leaders in the space. You can interact with them about their experiences and learn how they empower mentees. You will learn how the community looks out for students and projects, and utilize a good networking opportunity.
  • As a curious community member: Mentorship is all about skills that you want to learn and pass on. Everyone with the interest to learn, teach, and create a project that leads towards the success of the Fedora Project as an organization can potentially be a future mentor. This event can open doors for anyone willing to learn new skills on mentorship and community building.

Join us!

We are hosting this over Hopin on Friday, 2022-04-01 and Saturday, 2022-04-02 1300 UTC to 1700 UTC. You can also help us with suggestion and feedback as we continue shaping the event in the Mindshare matrix channel, or using our task tracker.