Fedora Pune Meetup is a bimonthly community event where organizers/contributors speak and explain people about new things in Fedora and celebrate different Fedora releases. Link to agenda for the June Meetup:



Planning for this meetup started with the GA of Fedora 28 as all organizers wanted to celebrate the release with the community/contributors. We met for around 4 meetings before the actual meetup, to discuss the agenda and individual responsibilities. Pravin took care of the design to be printed on cake and the cake itself. I took up the job of creating a new wiki (given above in Prelude) for the event and mailing to different possible mailing lists. Ompragash got the pen drives ready with bootable F28 and also followed up with facilities team for refreshments etc,.

To begin, Pravin Satpute started the event with introducing people about last meetup which happened in March 2018 and the agenda of the current one. Students and attendees introduced themselves and expressed their interests in Fedora and community contribution.

Parag Nemade took over to speak about his topic “Introduction to Modularity”. He started with understanding people experience in Fedora and few basic questions. He also explained differences between RPM based packaging system and Debian ones. He talked about things required to create a RPM package like: creating a spec file.

Looks like this was the most interesting session of all today, people were interactive and got many of their questions answered.

Later the audience was divided into 3 parts for different topics as per their interest like: Creating a FAS account, Upgrading to Fedora 28, Earning your first badge. This was done to avoid redundancy as few of the attendees had F28 installed, few had their FAS account created and likewise. Pooja Yadav and Amita Sharma guided one part of the audience on contributing in Software Testing in Fedora, basics of Bugzilla etc,. Pravin, Ompragash and I helped the other part of the audience with creating FAS accounts, installing and using IRC and earning badges in Fedora for each contribution done.

Pravin has already had the goodies in place from the Fedora community. People enjoyed collecting the swag. Following that we also had a casual group discussion of 5 minutes in the end to decide on topics of interest of attendees for the July meetup.


  • Following attendees learned to edit Wiki page, added name in Meetup page and also created Fedora user page.
    • Akshay Gaikwad, Sameer Kandarkar, Gajanan More, Yadnesh Kulkarni, Khomesh Thakre, Aditya Deshpande, Shailesh Chhabdiya, Suparna Raut
  • How many members created FAS and also earned badge?
  • Release party with awesome cake also helped. Almost all attendees clicked selfie/group photo and shared on social media. It further helped to spread Fedora brand.

Different things we tried for this FAD

  • More time for hands-on sessions.
  • Since more experienced Fedora users were there from different groups, we divided meetup into different groups as per interest.
    • Trying Fedora new features and upgrading Fedora.  [Parag, Praveen Kumar]
    • Editing Fedora Wiki page and create own Fedora user page.   [Pravin]
    • Creating FAS and earning easy badges. [Suprith and Ompragash]
    • QE session. [Amita and Pooja]
  • Celebration of Fedora 28. It was good.

Next time

  • We asked participants itself what they would like to do in next meet up. They suggested few topics (Packaging, kernel, IRC communication)
  • Test days with these participants so they get more engaged with Fedora


  • Attendees were glad to have earned their first couple of badges in Fedora community.
  • Connecting FreeNode on IRC got them connected to Fedora world using #fedora and #fedora-qa channels This made them curious about upcoming Fedora test days and meetings.

Last but not the least, we had a small party to celebrate Fedora 28 Release. We arranged for a cake and few other refreshments. I loved this cake more than the one we had for F27 few months ago.



Organizers: Pravin Satpute, Parag Nemade, Suprith Gangawar, Praveen Kumar, Ompragash Viswanathan

Volunteers: Amol Kahat, Pooja Yadav

Total Count: 43



Thanks to all the organizers for arranging such a beautiful cake, swag for attendees, knowledgeable topics and all required follow ups. Sincere thanks to Red Hat for permitting to host the event.