Welcome to the monthly set of updates on key areas within Fedora. This update includes Fedora Council representatives, Fedora Editions, and Fedora Objectives. The content here is based on the weekly updates submitted to the Fedora Council, published to the project dashboard.

Minimization objective

The Minimization objective submitted an updated proposal to the Fedora Council. Objective lead Adam Šamalík developed a logic model to help define the future work of the Minimization objective.


The Fedora Silverblue team was not able to get the necessary changes into Fedora 31 to support having Flatpak pre-installed. They are looking at the possibility of re-spinning the Silverblue ISO to incorporate the changes. But they did update the Fedora 31 Flatpak runtime. The team updated the Flatpak’ed GNOME applications to GNOME 3.34 and built them against the Fedora 31 runtime.

The team is planning for Fedora 32. See the Kanban board for more information.

Workstation WG

The Workstation WG is looking at how to increase membership and participation in the working group. Discussion is ongoing in issue #106. But the WG has started a subgroup investigating the possibility of encrypting user home directories by default. Meeting agendas and notes are available on the GNOME etherpad. Discussion is also occurring on the desktop mailing list.

Of course, Fedora 31 released at the end of the month. Fedora 31 Workstation included better support for non-English users, improved H.264 support, and many other enhancements. The working group hopes to support Wayland by default on Nvidia GPUs in Fedora 32.