Our websites are our face to the Fedora Linux users and the community members. We started with a successful Council objective proposal to revamp the websites and applications. As part of that, we want to revitalize and organize the community that maintains them. Allow me to share with you the things that we have been up to so far.

The websites and apps revamp objective is backed up by three subteams with their own set of goals and fields of expertises


Fedora Websites Revamp Stakeholders Team

Point of Contact: Pawel Zelawski and Timothee Ravier

This team looks into aesthetics, style guide, planning the strategy, and deciding the tech stack for the website.

  1. Multiple contributors from different teams have been participating in discussions in the Fedora Websites Revamp chat. This includes the Design team, Server Working Group, Workstation Working Group, Kinoite, KDE SIG, Fedora Infra, NeuroFedora SIG, and others.
  2. Design Team members developed various mock-ups. We collaborated to make continuous improvements within the team and broader community on our forum.
  3. Additionally, Design Team representative Mairin Duffy has been mentoring Emma Kidney and Jess Chitas.
  4. We now use a GitLab subgroup for planning, meeting minutes, and as a ticket tracker.
  5. Pawel Zelawski organizes planning and retrospective meetings.
  6. We participated in Nest With Fedora and Fedora Linux Release Parties to gather feedback and call for contributors.

Fedora Websites and Apps Engineering Team

Point of Contact: Francois Andrieu and Onuralp Sezer

This team maintains and develops websites and applications, mentors contributors, and organizes meetings.

  1. Contributors from the Design Team and Fedora Infra (including Red Hat’s Open Source Program Office and Community Platform Engineering team) participate in discussions in the Fedora Websites and Apps Team chat.
  2. Update and translate Websites to keep up with the relevant release cycle of the Fedora Linux.
  3. Onboard new members and communicate planning and retrospection with the wider community on Fedora Discussion.
  4. Akashdeep Dhar and Francois Andrieu mentored Subhangi Choudhary, an Outreachy intern, who worked on Mote.
  5. Michael Scherer and Onuralp Sezer mentored Ojong Enow, an Outreachy intern, helping maintain Fedora websites and reboot the websites/apps index.
  6. We participated in Nest With Fedora and Fedora Linux Release Parties to gather feedback and call for contributors.

Fedora Websites and Apps Team Objective Co-leads

Point of Contact: Akashdeep Dhar and Graham White

Co-leads manage the team’s organizational and operational aspects. They also look after contributors’ experiences/cohesion and delivering objective goals.

  1. FPL, FCAIC, Commops team members, Program Management Team members, and Red Hat’s CPE team participate in the discussions in our matrix chatroom.
  2. Members introspect action items, outputs of the tasks, outcomes of the objective and team’s impact.
  3. Collaborate with the engineering and revamp team in shaping and revising the objective requirements and goals.
  4. Graham White maintains an inventory of the websites and applications, and the teams responsible for them.
  5. Marie Nordin designed an infographic to clarify subteams’ responsibilities.

What’s next?

We plan on continuous improvement – focusing on some areas more than others!

Fedora Websites Revamp Stakeholders Team

  • Team would continue organizing meetings to review the mockups created by the design team.
  • Additionally, plan the technical stack of implementation and analyze stakeholders’ requirements in these meetings.
  • Review suggestions and feedback provided from community members taken into account.

Fedora Websites and Apps Engineering Team

  • Continue developing and maintaining the websites and applications.
  • Have regularly meetings to plan and review roadmap.
  • Improve response time to tickets and issues.
  • Onboard new contributors and mentor them.

Fedora Websites and Apps Team Objective Co-leads

  • Continue implementing the objective tasks and help achieve objective outcomes with project management practices.
  • Analyze and improve team’s health.
  • Plan reward and incentives for team members.

Thank you for reading till the end. If you have feedback for the team, join us in our chat room or in our weekly meeting.