Today marks Day 4 of Fedora Week of Diversity (FWD) 2024! This exciting week-long celebration is dedicated to honouring the diverse voices, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that enrich our vibrant Fedora community. Throughout Fedora Week of Diversity 2024, the DEI Team will be showcasing the incredible stories and journeys of our members through engaging interviews and captivating social media spotlights. Join us in celebrating the unique contributions and talents that make Fedora Week of Diversity 2024 a truly special event!

Contributor Stories

Today’s Contributor Story comes from: Chris Idoko

What’s your Fedora story? Take us back to your beginnings with Fedora!

My name is Chris Idoko, and I am from Nigeria. I have been passionate about technology for as long as I can remember, coming from a background in telecommunications engineering. I have always had a thing for learning new skills and getting my hands useful in any software or development process I could explore.

My journey with Fedora began when I participated in the May 2023 Outreachy program. I was selected as a design intern for the Fedora Badges project. Before this, I had thought that open source projects like Fedora were only for highly skilled software developers. It was surprising to learn that good design was also important for an open source project and its community, something I discovered when I saw the skill set requirement for the Fedora Badges Project on the Outreachy project catalogue. Fedora Badges is a part of Fedora that rewards contributor achievement and engagement.

During the contribution stage of the Outreachy program, I took on the design challenges for this project and was selected as an intern. I would say I was very lucky to be introduced to the project by some of the best people I have met, which were my mentors Marie Nordin and Smera Goel. Since then, I have loved the community so much and have always been on the lookout for new ways to contribute to the community. These experiences have not only deepened my technical skills but also allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passion as me.

Fedora’s appeal and your contribution style: Tell us both!

The inclusive community was a major draw for me. Fedora values friendship in its community. From my first interactions with the Fedora Project, I was impressed by how welcoming and supportive everyone was. The collaborative spirit and the willingness of community members to share their knowledge and help each other grow made it clear that Fedora was not just a regular open source project but a community driven initiative where everyone’s contributions are valued.

What drives me to contribute in the specific ways I do? I am passionate about learning and personal growth. I particularly enjoy making contributions in design because it aligns with my skills and interests, and it provides me with opportunities to make an impact, even in small ways. It’s always a great feeling of achievement when Fedora folks use my designs and claim the badges I’ve created.

For example, during my time as a design intern for the Fedora Badges Revamp Project, I found great satisfaction in revamping badges. Identifying and resolving issues to help improve Fedora badges and enhance contributor engagement which also enhanced my own design abilities. 

Ultimately, what keeps me motivated is the sense of accomplishment that comes from contributing to a project that has a real impact on the technology landscape. Knowing that my efforts help make Fedora a better, more innovative platform for users around the world is incredibly rewarding.

Fedora day-to-day: A walk-through of your Fedora involvement

A typical Fedora day for me is all about finding ways to contribute! I love keeping my eyes open for opportunities to add value, whether creating content for upcoming events or jumping in on design tasks, anywhere I can be helpful. I frequent the chat rooms that align with my interests, like the design channels, to see if there’s a Fedora contributor needing a hand. As a designer myself, I naturally lean towards tasks like crafting visual elements, but I’m always open to expanding my skill set and exploring new ways to contribute to the Fedora community.

Image by Emma Kidney. CC BY-SA 4.0.