The Design team is preparing a zine to recognize the amazing work done by everyone here in the Fedora Project. The zine will serve as a guide to future contributors as a sneak peek into what Fedora is all about and what kind of work we do. It’s also a fun way for Fedorans to express and showcase their creativity. 

So what are zines exactly?

A zine is an original, self-published mini-magazine that is intended for small circulation. Zines are intended for niche interest groups and communicate that interest through artistic expression. For centuries, zines have been aiding creative movements and artistic expressions all around the world.

How can I contribute?

The zine is all about Fedora, and what makes Fedora awesome are the contributors. We would love to include all creative endeavors of our fellow Fedorans! You can submit anything from photography, poetry, pencil drawing, recipes, Blender experiments – you are only limited by your own imagination! As an example, this is something that I am working on to submit to the zine:

You can post your submissions here by 4 August. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries!