This is a part of the FESCo Elections Interviews series. Voting is open to all Fedora contributors. The voting period starts on Thursday, December 6th and closes promptly at 23:59:59 UTC on Thursday, December 20th, 2018.

Interview with Christian Glombek (lorbus)

  • Fedora Account: lorbus
  • IRC: lorbus (found in #fedora-devel, #fedora-coreos, #fedora-containers, #fedora-iot)
  • Fedora User Wiki Page


Describe some of the important technical issues you foresee affecting the Fedora community. What insight do you bring to these issues?

The advent of Fedora CoreOS in our community gives us a good opportunity to re-evaluate our build architecture and infrastrucure. The packaging process, for RPMs as well as Containers, still has lots of room for improvement, ranging from easier on-boarding to improved developer experience and documentation, up to technical improvements and a higher degree of automation. As packager and member of the CoreOS Working Group (previously Project Atomic WG), the Container SIG and the IoT WG I have gained insights into all kinds of packaging- and container-related things in Fedora. I now currently intern on the Fedora CoreOS team.

What objectives or goals should FESCo focus on to help keep Fedora on the cutting edge of open source development?

  • Make Fedora the most used container base image (grow that registry!)
  • Make the Fedora Contributor onboarding and development experience a breeze
  • Make Fedora the go-to, best-tested community distribution for the Origin Kubernetes Distribution (OKD)

What are the areas of the distribution and our processes that, in your opinion, need improvement the most? Do you have any ideas how FESCo would be able to help in those “trouble spots”?

  • Improve RelEng and Packaging DevExp & Automation
  • Endorse Flathub for distributing Fedora-based Flatpak desktop apps
  • Embrace OKD & CNCF projects
  • Steer towards a scalable operator-based, cloud-native infrastructure

I believe with well-debated technical decisions as well as efforts to document and communicate best practices, FESCo can have a great impact and make for huge improvements in all of these spots.