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Interview with Fabio Valentini

  • Fedora Account: decathorpe
  • IRC: decathorpe in #fedora-devel, #fedora-rust, #fedora-meeting*
  • Fedora User Wiki Page


Why do you want to be a member of FESCo and how do you expect to help steer the direction of Fedora?

I am excited about the success of the Fedora Project, and want to help with making sure that its success is sustainable.

How do you currently contribute to Fedora? How does that contribution benefit the community?

I have been a member of FESCo for several terms now. I have also been a member of the Packaging Committee for a few years. I am member of the Rust SIG, and the primary maintainer of about 2000 Rust packages in Fedora. By number of submitted updates, I am the second most prolific packager in Fedora.

I am also the developer of fedora-update-feedback and Rust bindings for several Fedora web services. Additionally, I develop and maintain the service which provides the “broken dependencies” (FTI / FTBFS) data source for the Packager Dashboard.

How do you handle disagreements when working as part of a team?

I try to find common ground or explore alternative or creative solutions that can work for everyone involved, if that is possible.

What else should community members know about you or your positions?

Let’s get the controversial stuff out of the way:

  • No pineapple, and definitely not on Pizza.
  • Using double quotes for strings in Python.
  • 1 TAB = 4 Spaces
  • nano > vim. 😉