About Project

I worked on the redesign of the user experience and interface of the Fedora Community App. The Fedora App is a central location for Fedora users and innovators to stay updated on The Fedora Project. I revamped the design of the application from ground up to match the community standards and improve the overall experience.

Issues in the previous design: http://littlewonder.github.io/fedora-analysis/

List of all pull requests: https://pagure.io/Fedora-app/pull-requests?status=all&author=thelittlewonder

Issues Solved

Splash Screen

Splash Screen Screenshot

Redesigned the splash screen to match the Fedora Brand Identity.

Pull Request – #67

Status – Merged ✅

Home Screen

Home Screen Screenshot

Revamped the user interface of the application to change the navigation style to improve usability and show important announcements upfront. Also, added community blog posts up front.

Pull Request – #69

Status – Merged ✅


Calendar Screenshot

Updated the information architecture to show upcoming events upfront and added search through calendar list.

Pull Request – #74

Status – Merged ✅


Magazine Screenshot

Added Thumbnails and sorting in the magazine articles to enhance the browsing experience.

Pull Request – #82

Status – Merged ✅


Ask Screenshot

Overhauled the view in order to show common issues upfront.

Pull Request – #89

Status – Merged ✅


More Screenshot

Moved the not-so-important sections to a side menu. Added new sections namely – About Fedora, Podcast, Bookmarks.

Pull Request – #95

Status – Merged ✅


Podcast Screenshot

Added feature to listen and stream to Fedora Podcasts right from the app.

Pull Request – #104

Status – Merged ✅

Women and Diversity

Developed a Women and Diversity Column that showcase the latest updates of the inclusion and diversity events in the Fedora community.

Pull Request – #97

Status – Merged ✅

Empty States

Empty States Screenshot

Designed empty states designs for error states

Pull Request – #96

Status – Merged ✅

Package Search

Package Search Screenshot

Redesigned the UI of Package Search Feature.

Pull Request – #95

Status – Merged ✅


Created a CSS loader to show the loading progress

Pull Request – #91

Status – In Progress 🛠

App Icon + Promotional Images

Designed Application Icon and Promotional Images for F-Droid and Playstore.

Status – Completed ✅


It was a great experience to work with the Fedora Family on the redesign of the experience of the community app. Please contribute to the development of the Community App Here: http://pagure.io/Fedora-app/

👋 Until Next time