I had two session at Flock this year, one done by me and another in support of Robert Mayr in the Mindshare one, if there were been any need for discussing.
Here I’m talking about my session: Marketing – tasks and visions (I will push the report about the second one after Robert’s one, for completion).

In order to fit the real target of a Flock conference (that is a contributor conference, not a show where people must demonstrate how much cool they are; we know it!) is to bring and show something new, whether ideas, software, changes and so on, and discuss with other contributors if they’re really innovative, useful and achievable.

We have four foundations and two of them are fitting this concept, friends and first because I’d like to see always news shared with friends.

This year talk was focused on the Marketing activities and how we can make it easier and smarter.

My presentation (after the usual “who am I” and “where you can find us”) started showing what we’re doing, assuming the statement Marketing have in Fedora (What we do), the release tasks (Tasks), the release activities (Releas Activities), and the tickets in Pagure (Tickets) along with other more general activities.

Of course, because I’m not able to hide, I declared we’re not following very well all the things due mainly to the lack of people usually works on them.

After a quick review of how becoming a member, I showed one of the (amongst several) ways to organize a marketing sector in a private company (there is not a standard, I only pointed out the most comparable) and compared it to the actual Project structure in order to point out the difference.

As result I opened the question “visions” listing the improvement that in my head are really needed in order to have the most flexible and smart structure that I draw afterwards.

This was the spark who light the fire of the discussion which I just would to get by the people present that usually give me lots of new material on which I love to work on.

We saw that maybe some of the releases related works could be bring to docs, if possible; the need to gather data from events that commops could share, how to improve talking points, how to make Ambassador more involved….. Essentially all these ideas converged to a new life for the outreach groups, that could be summarized in the second talk I shared with Robert Mayr.

I had a couple of slides to show but people seemed well involved so I didn’t want to stop; listen creative people having brainstorm is still fascinating me.

Discussion took place untill the time was gone, so I did spot it with the absolute certainty that the Project is giving me aid for many years to come.

Thanks to everyone attended.