It’s been about two months since our last blog post was out. The team wants to give everyone an update on our progress and let you know that we are nearly at the finish line!

So where did we leave off?

WAAAAAY back in early September 2022, we sent out an email to the community to lay out the reasons for replacing Fedora Messaging Notifications (FMN). At the time of writing the last blog post, we had deployed our code to the staging environment and were in the process of bug hunting. Some of our feature sets had been finished, like users receiving message notifications via IRC, but most were still in a “in progress” state. We were quietly optimistic about delivering the finished project on time.

Where are we now?

In the last two months, we’ve deployed to the production environment, had our infrastructure team look for any bugs and file new tickets, and completed the work on our outstanding feature sets.

Lets take a look at each of the feature sets

  • Performance Optimization: This was really one of the main issues with the “old” FMN, users were not receiving their notifications in a timely manner, even up to a week later. The team have made fixing and improving this the top priority of the “new” FMN.
  • Users receiving their notifications via email, matrix, and IRC: As the last quarter flew along, each of the ways users prefer to receive their notifications have been incorporated into the “new” FMN.
  • Updating schemas to be inline with FMN requirements: Each application’s message schema needed to be updated to comply with the new FMN requirements.

What’s next?

We recently met to discuss final items in the backlog, and what we need to get to the end line. We agreed that two weeks would be sufficient time to complete all items and release this to a worldwide audience. After this release, we will put a call out for external testers. Find bugs, find issues, and file tickets to help us make this as robust an application as possible. With that in mind, we haven’t yet set the “old” FMN sunset date. Once we releaes the “new” FMN into the wild, please use that version.