Interesting events or issues I was involved in or I noticed in the Fedora project and community which happened during the last week:

Fedora 27 Beta Release

On Tuesday October 3rd, we have released the F27 Beta Release. For more information please check the Announcement. To download the Beta please go to GetFedora page.

Fedora 27 Beta Freeze is over

As a subsequent step after the F27 Beta release, the freeze applied on updates has been lifted. The Final freeze is planned on October 17th.  For more information please check the F27 Schedule.

A new “batched” state in Bodhi

Randy Barlow has announced a new state implemented in Bodhi called “batched”. The purpose of this state is to have a state for packages waiting for weekly batch update push.  This will help in gating of updates if needed, so we might have a choice on planning of updates.

“What can I do for Fedora” is back

Thanks to Ralph and Patrick we have back the “What can I do for Fedora” application.  Anyone, interested in helping with Fedora, can now find some work more easily.

And of course, the list above is not exhaustive and there is much more going on in Fedora community. The list above just summarizing some tasks which has drawn my attention.