Hello everyone, welcome to the Fedora Linux 35 Beta installation of Heroes of Fedora! In this post, we’ll look at the stats concerning the testing of Fedora Linux 35 Beta. The purpose of Heroes of Fedora is to provide a summation of testing activity on each milestone release of Fedora. Without community support, Fedora would not exist, so thank you to all who contributed to this release! Without further ado, let’s get started!

Updates Testing

Test period: Fedora 35 Beta (2021-08-10–2021-09-28)
Testers: 82
Comments1: 547

NameUpdates commented
Björn Esser (besser82)210
Charles-Antoine Couret (renault)45
Kamil Páral (kparal)33
Adam Williamson (adamwill)27
Pete Walter (pwalter)22
Geraldo S. Simião Kutz (geraldosimiao)18
Lukáš Růžička (lruzicka)17
Jaap Bosman (jpbn)15
Ankur Sinha (ankursinha)11
Eugene Mah (imabug)10
brett hassall (bretth)9
Miro Hrončok (churchyard)8
František Zatloukal (frantisekz)6
Kevin Fenzi (kevin)4
Chris Murphy (chrismurphy)4
Neal Gompa (ngompa)4
Thomas Citharel (tcit)3
Eduardo Santiago (santiago)3
Gavin Charles Flower (nivag)3
Paul Whalen (pwhalen)3
Fabio Valentini (decathorpe)3
…and also 58 other reporters who created less than 3 reports each, but 76 reports combined!

1 If a person provides multiple comments to a single update, it is considered as a single comment. Karma value is not taken into account.

Validation Testing

Test period: Fedora 35 Beta (2021-08-10 – 2021-09-28)
Testers: 12
Reports: 487
Unique referenced bugs: 5

NameReports submittedReferenced bugs1
lruzicka491988142 2002609 (2)
nielsenb101950669 2000300 (2)
sgallagh72006028 (1)

1 This is a list of bug reports referenced in test results. The bug itself may not be created by the same person.

Bug Reports

Test period: Fedora 35 Beta (2021-08-10–2021-09-28)
Reporters: 151
New reports: 428

NameReports submitted1Excess reports2Accepted blockers3
Miro Hrončok13570 (51%)1
Adam Williamson160 (0%)7
Lukas Ruzicka144 (28%)0
Chris Murphy90 (0%)1
lnie70 (0%)1
Kamil Páral73 (42%)0
Luna Jernberg70 (0%)0
Milan Zink71 (14%)0
Paul Whalen60 (0%)2
Matt Fagnani60 (0%)0
Mike FABIAN60 (0%)0
Alessio50 (0%)1
Jens Petersen50 (0%)0
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek50 (0%)0
Ankur Sinha (FranciscoD)40 (0%)0
Artem40 (0%)0
browseria41 (25%)0
sumantro40 (0%)0
Michael Catanzaro30 (0%)1
Alexandre Fernandez30 (0%)0
bjoern.daase at gmail.com30 (0%)0
Marius Vollmer30 (0%)0
Mikhail Kondrashov31 (33%)0
Miroslav Suchý30 (0%)0
Niki Guldbrand30 (0%)0
…and also 126 other reporters who created less than 3 reports each, but 156 reports combined!

1 The total number of new reports (including “excess reports”). Reopened reports or reports with a changed version are not included, because it was not technically easy to retrieve those. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t take the numbers too seriously, but just as interesting and fun data.
2 Excess reports are those that were closed as NOTABUG, WONTFIX, WORKSFORME, CANTFIX, or INSUFFICIENT_DATA. Excess reports are not necessarily a bad thing, but they make for interesting statistics. Close manual inspection is required to separate valuable excess reports from those which are less valuable.
3 This only includes reports that were created by that particular user and accepted as blockers afterwards. The user might have proposed other people’s reports as blockers, but this is not reflected in this number.