I contributed!” is a special series on the Fedora Community Blog which helps Fedora contributors understand and get a feel of the activity happening in different areas in Fedora, especially areas other than what they personally participate in. These visualizations for 2015 are made using Gource videos generated by threebean using fedmsg2gource  – a CLI tool used to generate Gource videos from fedmsg history,

In this second part of the series, we highlight two of the subsystem videos that in particular correspond with new services that the infrastructure team launched this year – ‘mdapi’ and ‘mailman’.

To help better understand what these videos represent as well as to learn more about Gource  and fedmsg2gource, check out the first article in the “I contributed!” Gource series.  .

mdapi Gource Video for 2015

mdapi is a service that watches the various yum / dnf repositories that we produce, caches their metadata, and reports what changed. Check out the mdapi fedmsg history here and static visualization here.

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Mailman Gource Video for 2015

In 2015, we also deployed the long-awaited replacement for mailman2 – an
installation of mailman3 with the Hyperkitty archiver and web view. Check it out here.  Some of the engineering details of the mailman3 architecture allowed us to easily hook in and add mailing list activity to the fedmsg bus. The visualization here is
interesting because of how structured the assets are. Nodes in the first tier
of the tree represent our many different mailing lists. After that, subsequent
nodes in the tree represent “replies” to “threads”. Knowing that, you can see
big conversations or debates sprawl out into these long hydra-like structures. Check out the mailman fedmsg history here and static visualization here.

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Generate your own Gource video with just two commands by learning about how to make Gource videos here. If you are interested in Gource visualizations of fedmsg, check out threebean’s script used to generate these awesome videos using fedmsg2gource.