Infra & Releng Team is a sub-team in Red Hat’s Community Platform Engineering (CPE) Team that takes care of Fedora Infrastructure, Fedora Release Engineering, and CentOS Infrastructure. This blog post is a summary of what the team did in 2022. It contains infographics as a quick review. Below that will be more detailed information about what you can see in the infographics.

I&R Summary 2022
Infra & Releng 2022 infographics

Closed issues

Infra & Releng Team has 3 main trackers we watch: Fedora Infrastructure, Fedora Release Engineering and CentOS Infrastructure. We closed 1702 issues on these three trackers in 2022.

We tag tickets with “gain” and “trouble” as you can see in the infographics. Not every ticket has gain and trouble, but these are a good indicator of the ticket importance and amount of work it needs. Here is the explanation what “gain” means:

  • Low gain – Only affects few users in community
  • Medium gain – Affects part of the community (for example only affects Fedora CoreOS)
  • High gain – Affects most of the community (for example issues with building pipeline)

The definitions of “trouble” are:

  • Low trouble – This ticket takes less than a day to solve
  • Medium trouble – This ticket takes less than week, but more than a day
  • High trouble – This ticket will take more than one week to finish (some of those tickets could be mini-initiative or initiative)

We closed 191 high gain tickets and 41 high trouble tickets in 2022.

Mini-initiatives & planned tasks

Infra & Releng Team works as a support team for Fedora and CentOS communities, so there isn’t that much planned work. But even with that, we finished 14 planned tasks (some of them are mini-initiatives) in 2022.

A mini-initiave is a task that takes multiple weeks for small team (1-3 people) to finish. Here is the list of mini-initiatives that were finished in 2022 with links to corresponding tickets:

ARC Investigations

Advanced Reconnaissance Crew (ARC) Investigations are done by small team (1-3 people) in the Infra & Releng Team. This small team investigates the options for initiatives before the initiative is even started. The ARC Team documents every investigation they do. In 2022 we finished 8 investigations.

ARC completed these investigations in 2022:

And this is all for 2022. Thanks to all the community members who helped us to make Fedora Infrastructure, CentOS Infrastructure, and Fedora Release Engineering a better place by reporting bugs, helping with issues and giving feedback. We hope to see you all in 2023.