Like every Fedora release, in preparation for Fedora 25 release, the Globalization Team organized an Internationalization (i18n) Test Day on September 28. It was nice to see that people came from all over the world to participate in this test day event. Since the early morning, internationalization engineers were present in #fedora-test-day and #fedora-g11n channel to help people testing on this day.

Internationalization changes for Fedora 25

For Fedora 25, we had three Changes accepted. They were…

  1. Unicode 9.0 update: Added 7,500 characters, including six new scripts and 72 new emoji characters
  2. IBus emoji typing: Added emoji (emoticon) Unicode input using IBus XKB engines
  3. IBus typing booster multilingual support: Added feature that users can configure multiple languages in a single IBus typing booster IME and use it without changing input methods

Test Day Results

We saw that some people submitted test results on the next day as well. We have picked the test results from the test day app and consolidated it here.

This time, we had many test users. They were around twenty-five users from all over the world. There were fourteen languages tested on this i18n test day. Seven bugs were filed and five of them are already resolved. Mostly people found interest in testing IBus Emoji typing Change.

Thanks to all the participants for testing internationalization Changes and test cases. Let’s continue testing internationalization for all upcoming Fedora releases.