In the preparation for Fedora 30 release, the Internationalization Team organized an Internationalization (i18n) Test Day on March 19. This test day like all the previous i18n test days, its seen that people came from all over the world to participate in this test event. Since the early morning, internationalization engineers were present in -test-day channel to help people testing on this day.

Internationalization changes for Fedora 30

For Fedora 30, we had this time only one Change accepted.

    1. Replace Comps Language Group With Langpacks Language support groups in Comps file will get replaced by weak rich dependencies in the langpacks package.

Test Day Results

We kept open testing for few more days so that in case anyone missed the actual test day date then they can do testing in the next few days. We have picked all the test results from the test day app and consolidated it here.

This time also, we had many test users. They were around nineteen users from all over the world. There were thirteen languages tested on this i18n test day. Five bugs were filed and work is going on them. Mostly people found interest in testing Langpacks Change.

Thanks to all the participants for testing internationalization Changes and test cases. Let’s continue testing internationalization for all upcoming Fedora releases.