We have successfully migrated the Fedora L10n platform to Weblate, and the previous platform Zanata is at its EOL, and the translation site will be shutdown soon.

It’s necessary for us to migrate all of the required work to the new platform. This will make sure future Fedora releases will not be affected and will be as smooth as before.

So far, 39 projects have migrated to Weblate. Four projects are in progress of migration, and 25 projects plan to migrate but haven’t started yet. Another 26 projects needs to be confirmed whether to migrate or not. These statistics are from the wiki page.

So for the 51 projects which haven’t started the migrating work , we are kindly urging you to confirm the status of your project, and make decision. Also please update the status in the migration status table on the wiki page.

If your friends or colleagues are the contacts of the projects, please help us to tell them about the migration plan.

Need help with the migration? Join the team on Mondays in the IRC meeting, open an issue in the l10n Pagure, or start a discussion on the translation mailing list.