Linux Day was held in Bari on Saturday, October 26 2019. First of all, I am excited to say that it was a successful event!


Participants were beyond expectations and found this event a fantastic opportunity to learn, advance, and share their knowledge on Linux systems and trending themes, like Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Digital Forensics. People were mostly technical high school students, university students of engineering and computer science, and university professors.

Important people, from university to local industries, came to speak and gave interesting insights on said disciplines, stimulating discussions that protracted from morning to evening!


How about Fedora? Well, Fedora was ever present during the event. We placed gadgets on the registration desk, dedicated a special lunch menu entry, tried to install it everywhere we could put our hands on people PCs. We also used Fedora to win a Cybersecurity challenge! You may ask: how did we do so many things? Don’t worry, let’s see them with some quick photos 🙂

Linux and beyond

This Linux Day was a great impulse for our local community here in Bari and I congratulate with UNPLUG community and URL Rete Libera association for an astonishing organization and work! People got inspired under the name of open source and new, insightful technologies. It was the first ever to earn such popularity.

I hope my talk gave to all this people a path to embrace open source communities by seeing them as they really are: a group of extraordinary people with selflessness and other great values. It was a human-side stimulus to join Fedora, I believe that such an experiment was successful: people thanked me for such original talk that shared a part of Linux communities that is often overlooked: people, human beings, how to give credit to their work and how to share new work.

This was a perfect day for Linux and I really hope that next year will be like so. Bari has a great potential to become a cultural pole of open source technology and I really hope that we, fedorians, recognize it that way.

See you next year! 🙂