Our London-based Fedora Community members got together in person to get to know the people behind the Fedora Account System and Matrix nicks.

At a Glance

  • What: A revival of Fedora local meetup in London
  • Where: University College London
  • When: 18:00-20:30, 26 Feb 2024


  • Ankur Sinha (Neuroscience, Join SIG, Ask Fedora, @ankursinha). Ankur kindly offered to help with the venue at University College London.
  • Christopher Klooz (Ask Fedora, SELinux Confined Users SIG, @py0xc3)
  • Hank Lee (Documentation writer, Music & Audio SIG, @hankuoffroad)
  • Richard Jones (Packager, RISC-V SIG, Red Hat, @rjones)
  • Alessandro (Red Hat, @aleskandro)
  • Anthony Kesterton (Red Hat)
  • Dario Molinari (Red Hat, @dariomolinari). Dario brought us Italian Amaretti Biscuits. Grazie!

How did this London meetup come about?

  • Revive (reimagine) previous UK meetup or user group
  • Have in-person meetup for UK-based Fedora contributors
  • Grow community and retain contributors

RISC-V Showcase

  • Richard Jones gave an interesting talk about RISC-V/FPGA hardware. Thanks for bringing us a wealth of knowledge about electronic engineering and a set of RISC-V test units for us.

Roundtable discussion

  • Community cohort: Group mentoring
  • Onboarding experience: Consolidation of contributor guides and identifying common process
  • Virtual delivery of training session with recorded tutorial and live chat Q&A
  • Collaboration with student community
  • Upstream working model and collaboration in SELinux Confined Users SIG

Snaps from @ London Meetup

Credit to Dario Molinari

Pub Chat After Meetup

A few of attendees couldn’t resist ‘London pub culture’.  We didn’t plan it, but London magically attracted us to an old English pub, a short walk from University College London. We hope more people can join pub chat next time.

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Photo by Marcin Nowak on Unsplash. Modified by Justin W. Flory.