Linux Weekly News — or “LWN” — is a small, independent website dedicated to covering Linux and open source topics. There’s really nothing like it — from daily updates from different communities (including, of course, Fedora) to deep-dives into technical topics to reporting from various conferences and invents. Red Hat funds a subscription for Fedora community members, of which we currently have two open slots. There are also about a number of people who haven’t logged in for several years… I intend to remove these to make room if there is enough interest to warrant that.

Note that if you work for Red Hat, there is different LWN subscription, which should be automatically activated when you log in to the site from a company network or VPN. (You do have to do this periodically to keep it active, though.) So, priority for Fedora community members goes to non-Red Hatters. And, of course, if you can get your employer to pay, or want to help out with your own subscription, LWN could always use the help.

Also, all content is made available for free after several weeks — and, there is even a way for subscribers to make sharing links available that give free access to even new articles.

Claim a Fedora LWN subscription

But, if you don’t have access another way, you are active in Fedora, and you would make use of the subscription… post a reply here with your LWN username and I’ll hook you up.