It’s time for the (overdue) Mindshare Committee’s third Quarterly Report. This post covers activities from the Mindshare Committee and related teams for the months of April, May, and June of 2022. We started off strong with getting these reports together, but as time has gone, it’s gotten a bit more difficult to pull them together and out on time. We are addressing the future of these reports and how we can restructure to make it easier to put them together. As always, we welcome feedback on how we can improve these reports in the related Mindshare ticket.

Help Wanted

Join one of the teams below and get more involved within the Fedora Community. For tickets and Discussion threads, make sure to comment your interest in getting involved.


Team Updates

CommOps Team

  • Community Blog Activity
    • 20 posts in April
    • 17 posts in May
    • 27 posts in June

Docs – Forum – Chat – Repo

Community Outreach Revamp

  • Presented the latest progress at Fedora Linux 36 Release Party
  • Wrapping up documentation for Ambassadors
  • Ensuring Mindshare documentation is up to date
  • Aiming to complete entire Objective by end of August, 2022

Docs – Chat

Design Team

  • Development of the Fedora Linux 37 wallpaper began in May
  • Design Team spoke at the Fedora 36 release party to go over the details
  • Logos for Flock, Nest and Hatch were finalized

Docs – Mailing List – Chat – Repo

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Team

  • Pride Month Social Hour takeover on June 30th
  • Fedora Week of Diversity planning has begun


Magazine Team

Fedora Magazine – Docs – Forum – Chat – Repo

Marketing Team

  • In the process of coordinating posting schedules for social media accounts
  • Developing content for YouTube on Discussion
  • Working on creating campaigns for Fedora communities
  • Reactivating social media channels


Mentored Projects

Docs – Mailing List – Chat – Repo

Mindshare Committee

Docs – Mailing List – Chat – Repo

Websites & Apps Team

Docs – Mailing List – Chat – Forum – Repo

Mindshare Updates from the Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator (FCAIC)

  • Coordinated the sponsorship of Fedora Hatch events
  • Planned and Coordinated for the annual contributor event Nest with Fedora

Thanks, we’ll see you online!

Thank you for reading the third edition of the Mindshare Committee Quarterly Report. Feel free to join us in the #fedora-mindshare chat on  IRC/Element  and drop by the Mindshare weekly meetings.