This is a part of the Mindshare Elections Interviews series. Voting is open to all Fedora contributors. The voting period starts on Thursday, May 31st and closes promptly at 23:59:59 UTC on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018.


Interview with Sumantro Mukherjee (sumantrom)

  • Fedora Account: sumantrom
  • IRC:  sumantrom (found in #fedora-qa #fedora-test-day #fedora-classroom #fedora-india #fedora-meeting)
  • Fedora User Wiki Page


Is there a specific task or issue you think that Mindshare should address this term?

As Mindshare is a core group of volunteers to expand and evolve the Fedora Outreachy in accordance to the four pillars of Fedora, I believe it can achieved with increase in Fedora’s Calender Events.
For instance, we have Release Parties and Flock as calender events. Organizing FADs or some “output-driven” will help to get a better outreach and also attract contributors to participate in Fedora project with their skillsets. Building and constantly evolving a framework for attractmore developers and users to ecosystem will be something which I belive will help Mindshare to achieve it’s goals.

Please elaborate on the personal “Why” which motivates you to be a candidate for Mindshare.

I heil from APAC. It’s  vast and diverese. I was a part of FAmSCo and I was thrilled to work with Fedora Ambassdors around APAC and around the world. The biggest motivator for me is to see more new comers feel welcome and participate in the project. Working with people across the world teaches me a lot and helps me understand community dynamics in a better way.As a part of Fedora QA team, we often have onboarding calls and I feel it’s crucial for the success of the project to evolve the outreach program and that’s the reason I would like to join Mindshare ,  join hands with the subproject team and expand the outreach activities.

What are your thoughts on the impact (as an individual and then as a Mindshare group) that the group will have on the Fedora Mission?

As a individual, I will help shape some events and outreach around IoT and Fedora. I started using Samsung ARTIK with Fedora 24 and have been regularly testing on Fedora ARM. I would love to bring that experience to outreach activities and help write boilerplates and run pilot activities to increase the contributors and users to increase Fedora’s footprint in IoT landscape. Since Mediawrite offers  out of the box support for ARM it will nice to put most of the already ready pieces to use.
As a part of Mindshare, I would like to work with Fedora Ambassdors, Contributors and Users to help shape a outreach experience which will help the forthcoming people to make the most of their skillsets and contribute to the project.