Mono SIG (Special Interest Group) of Fedora

Mono provides .NET Framework environment to run ASP-based websites and create desktop applications on Linux. Source:

The Mono SIG (Special Interest Group) is a group of Fedora contributors that maintain Mono (and related) packages in Fedora. The goal of the Mono SIG is to provide high-quality and usable Mono software packages to Fedora users and developers and to support others in creating and maintaining Mono packages.

Mono SIG Highlights of 2015

Revived Mono support in Fedora

We have reactivated Mono for Fedora. There was an ancient version of Mono 2.10 in Fedora 22 still. With Fedora 23, we now have Mono 4.0.

With Mono 4.0, we do not support .Net Framework 2.x and 3.x anymore, but exclusively the latest .Net Framework 4.5. This meant that many packages depending on Mono needed to be changed slightly. We made sure that all packages depending on Mono still build.


We also upgraded MonoDevelop to version 5.9 in Fedora 23. MonoDevelop is an IDE for developing with Mono and C#.

Developer Portal

Mono is now mentioned on the Fedora Developer Portal, which was created in 2015.

Mono SIG Goals for 2016

Mono in EPEL

This is the next logical step: we have revived Mono in Fedora, now we need to do the same for EPEL.

We are working to upgrade the old Mono 2.10 to Mono 4.2 in EPEL 7. This will be a big change, but the alternative would be to retire Mono 2.10 from EPEL 7 due to unfixed security issues.

We will most probably retire Mono for Epel5. Currently there is Mono 1.2.6 in Epel5, and whoever is still using that should contact us! We still have to discuss what will happen to Mono in EPEL 6.


OpenRA is a Libre/Free Real Time Strategy project that recreates the classic Command & Conquer titles. OpenRA is written in C# and implemented with .Net technology.

Our goal is to get OpenRA packaged in Fedora.

OpenRA still requires some more packages with C# libraries in Fedora.  This is a good reason to get a more diverse variety of C# libraries packaged into Fedora. This will not just benefit this particular game, but also productive applications.