This week, some Ambassadors, CommOps, and Design Team members collaborated on improving and redefining the guidelines for how to request artwork and other art assets. As the advocates and representatives of Fedora across the globe, the Ambassadors often need many tools and resources for demonstrating Fedora. Examples of this might be fliers, banners, tablecloths, stickers, badges, and more. Until recently, the process for requesting artwork assets was not well-defined and somewhat unclear. This can cause problems when Ambassadors need something designed for an event. Sometimes it can draw out the request or end up in an accident, such as purple DVD media covers!

Creating official guidelines

To help more clearly communicate the most effective way for Ambassadors to request artwork, an official set of guidelines were written and proposed based on discussion with Design Team members. The official guide walks through all the steps necessary to help make sure requests receive quick responses and all the information needed is available. This not only helps the Design Team understand a request, but it also benefits the Ambassadors by helping getting a faster turnaround on a deliverable. An announcement about the new guide appeared on the Ambassadors list.

Read the new guidelines about requesting artwork here!

Communication by Lorenzo Stella from the Noun Project.