A common answer to the question “What’s your favorite part about Fedora?” is often “the community”. Well, what’s so special about it?

The Fedora community shares the common values of the “Four Foundations”: Freedom, Friends, Features and First. Beyond that, although there are many great minds, not all of them think alike! Everyone contributes different approaches to problems, interesting ideas, and diverse perspectives. There is a place in Fedora for anyone who wants to help. 

That’s why we’re launching a new video series on the Fedora Youtube channel profiling some of Fedora’s various contributors and how they use Fedora. The goal is to get to know some community members better, especially in a time where in-person community events might not be practical.

But we already have “HDYF” articles!

Longtime community members may be aware of the “How Do You Fedora” series on the Fedora Magazine. This new series is intended to be a continuation of the written articles in a new format, not to replace it. Instead, this series serves as an option for interviewees who feel as if their personality might shine better in this different format, who prefer to “show, not tell”, or would simply like to participate in a video interview instead of a written one.

What Can You Expect?

Videos will be posted on the Fedora YouTube channel. Watch interviewees answer your burning questions about their Fedora habits, show off their setups, and more! Hopefully you’ll leave each video knowing something new about a fellow contributor.

Our first conversation will be with Marie Nordin, Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator. Next we plan on interviewing Matthew Miller, Fedora Project Leader.

I have some input!

We’d love your feedback and ideas about what you’d like to see included in the series, so send an email to Gabbie (gchang@redhat.com) if you’d like to get involved. Contact us on the feedback form to express your interest in becoming an interviewee for a written or video interview.

Happy watching!