Most of the Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team met in person last month in Brno during a week. CPE team is the team at Red Hat that works on Fedora and CentOS infrastructure. As a distributed team, we usually use as an opportunity to meet face to face.

This is an update on what we have been up to during this week.

Continuous Integration

One of the first tasks we have achieved is to move as many application we maintain to use CentOS CI for our Continuous Integration pipeline. CentOS CI provides us with a Jenkins instance that is running in an OpenShift cluster, you can have a look at the this instance here.

Since a good majority of our application are developed in Python, we agreed on using tox to execute our CI tests. Adopting tox on our application allows us  to use a really convenient way to configure the CI pipeline in Jenkins. In fact we only needed to create .cico.pipeline file in the application repository with the following.

fedoraInfraTox { }

At the end of the day out of the 27 application which we are directly involved in we have migrated 22 to CentOS CI and tox.


A second task we have focused on was to migrate some of our application to OpenShift. After identifying which applications were good candidate we worked on deploying the following :

Currently these are running on OpenShift in the staging environment.

This was a good opportunity to get the team up to speed with deploying application on OpenShift and using the source-to-image tool. You can have a look at the Ansible playbooks we are using here.

Migration to fedora-messaging

While working on moving application to OpenShift we worked on the migration from fedmsg to fedora-messaging. First we replaced the fedmsg producer by fedora-messaging since it is quite trivial. You can see an example in this Pull-Request.

Planning and prioritization

The rest of the week was spent on planning and prioritizing work for this year. Generally we are looking to increase our transparency and make it easier for us and other teams to see which tasks are currently in progress. Some progress on this effort should happen soon once we have a supported Taiga instance available in Fedora.

If you are interested in helping out with any of these efforts, you can join #fedora-apps channel on the freenode IRC network, or send an email to the infrastructre mailing list