On behalf of the Mindshare Committee, I am happy to announce that we are doing a Fedora tee shirt giveaway next week to celebrate the release of Fedora Linux 36! Also to say “THANK YOU!” to our wonderful community of contributors. Since we have adopted a new Fedora logo (thanks to Máirín Duffy and the Design Team) we have been working to introduce it in a variety of ways, including swag. Keep your eye out for the exact details on the Community Blog next week on Thursday April 21st, and make sure to claim your Fedora tee shirt! 

Note that this is a 24 hour giveaway, you will need to use your Fedora Project email address, and we have generated codes by region so that folks across the entire world have a chance to receive a tee shirt. Please kindly order only one tee shirt per person, as we want as many folks as possible to share in the Fedora goodness. Feel free to share the news with your Fedora friends, but please refrain from posting it widely on social media and other sites. We want to ensure that active Fedora contributors receive this gift, although we are happy to see users receive some too!