Hey, I’m Smera. I’m one of the Outreachy interns this year, working on creating new designs for the Fedora Project. I work with Marie Nordin (FCAIC) and the Fedora Design team. I started on the 19th of May and this is what I have been up to!

Fedora Budget Template

I started my internship by designing a template for the annual and quarterly budget report!

Here’s what I started with:

This is how it progressed:

And with helpful inputs from @duffy and @luya, I refined the drafts to create final templates!


The next task I have been working on has been to design a set of infographics to highlight the accomplishments of different Mindshare teams! This project is a work in progress. The first infographic I completed is the infographic for Fedora Join, here’s a sneak preview:

A huge shout-out to Marie for being so patient with me during everything, and for teaching me so much.

Also, thanks to everyone who helped out in these designs, either with your inputs or appreciation. If your team wants an infographic like this, you can open a ticket on the design repo and somebody from the Design team will help you out.