Last month, Outreachy announced the interns selected for duration May 2022 to August 2022, and we have three interns with us. This blog introduces them to the community. If you see them around, please welcome them and share some virtual cookies.

Outreachy is a paid, remote internship program that helps traditionally underrepresented people in tech make their first contributions to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) communities. Fedora Project is participating in this round of Outreachy as a mentoring organization. We asked our Outreachy interns to tell us some things about themselves! Here are they, in their own words.

I’m Nikita Tripathi and I like to amalgamate my Artistic Outlook into my Designs. I am currently a sophomore pursuing BTech in Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Creating artworks using different mediums, playing musical instruments (like Sitar, Flute, Xylophone & Keyboard) and sometimes reading thrillers are some of my favourite forms of escapism.

While exploring what interests me, I tumbled upon design during my freshman year and came to learn about Fedora through my seniors who had applied for Outreachy at the Fedora Project. Contributing to the Fedora Badges Design Project is my first brush at Open Source, at being an intern and at working with people from different time zones. Calling the experience so far awesome, would be an understatement. My mentors Marie Nordin and Smera Goel, have been very supportive and I am grateful for the opportunity. I look forward to learning and growing more with the team.

Nikita Tripathi | FAS Id: nekonya3

Hi, I’m Rupanshi! I’m pursuing Computer Science and Engineering at the Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala. I’ve dabbled in quite a few fields, including but not limited to Backend Development, DevOps, CI/CD, and Server Management and am currently exploring the field of Data Science. In my spare time, I enjoy reading books and learning new recipes (though I absolutely suck at cooking :p)

My journey, so far, with the Fedora project has been one hell of an learning experience. I’m working on the project alongside some of the nicest and most supportive mentors. There’s a very popular quote about how it is outside your comfort zone that the magic happens, and I have only recently started to realise the truth behind it. While contributing to the Zezere project under Fedora-IoT, I’ve come to love a lot of things outside my comfort zone. It has reignited the spark of learning something new. 

Needless to say, I’m glad I applied, and I’m looking forward to learning a lot of new things.

Rupanshi Jain | FAS Id: rupanshijain

Hi, I’m Anushka. An undergrad at IIT Roorkee, India, living an engineer’s life in a designer’s shoe. I’m a self-taught product designer based in India. Recently, I’ve been a product design intern at Swiggy and Razorpay. I’m a fan of good copy and visual storytelling. I paint sometimes or create mood boards of paintings I’d love to recreate! I try to go for a run most days. I also recreate recipes I find on Instagram when I get bored of eating everyday meals. I dream about going on a world tour someday:) 

For the longest time, I’ve watched peers at college get into Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and code their summers away. I felt that design doesn’t belong in open-source! So, finding out about Outreachy was life-changing. My major motivation is learning and advocating for open-source design. I had a fantastic time last month when I collaborated with the docs and design team and learnt to use an open-source tool Penpot.

I look forward to meeting new teams and people (remotely and in-person someday). I’m super excited for the journey ahead:)

Anushka Jain | FAS Id: likeanushkkaa

Best wishes for their internship period and beyond!

We wish them all a successful journey as Outreachy interns and look forward to hearing about their experiences and project updates as we go.