When we launched teams.fedoraproject.org a few years ago, we were excited to financially support a great open source project while also providing project management tooling to the community. However, the adoption rate has been pretty low and we have several other tools available. Maintaining redundant tools isn’t a good use of our time and resources, so our Taiga instance will shut down on December 17.

If you’re making heavy use of Taiga’s features, you can export your projects from teams.fedoraproject.org and import them into the free public instance at tree.taiga.io. Your team members will need to create an account there and you will have to re-add members. However, you will be able to keep history and configuration.

If you’re looking for basic kanban functionality, this is available in Pagure. In addition, the newly-announced GitLab offering includes robust project management and Agile development features.

If you have any questions, or need help migrating, please use the infrastructure mailing list.